Friday, August 1, 2014

Cruz Mayor & Murok, Zamboanga City 2014

This is Mount Pulong Bato in Zamboanga City which cradles the Cruz Mayor where devotees flock during the Lenten season.

From Wikipedia:

Mount Pulong Bato is a monolith located inZamboanga City at the Zamboanga Peninsula, the western tip of the island ofMindanao in the Philippines. The mountain is situated in the Upper Abong-Abong Park, in Barangay Pasonanca, only a few kilometers away from the city's downtown section.


Pulong Bato became infamous because when thePhilippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology(PHIVOLCS) confirmed the mountain is a volcano which is unknown to most people. What is unusual about the mountain is, unlike the other mountains surrounding the city, only Mt. Pulong Bato is made from solid rock. 
According to PHIVOLCS, the volcano is an Intrusion type of volcano meaning it was formed within earth's crust. Magma was pushed from the beneath the earth surface but did not come out through an eruption like a typical volcano (Extrusion). The magma eventually solidified while it is still enclosed by softer rocks, which was later exposed by erosion or weathering, a process that could take thousands of years.

Holy Week observance

The mountain is near the premises of the famous Abong-Abong Park, where both domestic and foreign catholic devotees pilgrimage annually during Holy Week to observe the holiday and meditate.
We also view the panorama of Zamboanga City where we appreciate the  Great Sta. Cruz Island, the. Little Sta. Cruz Island as well as Basilan Island in the horizon.

We thank all those who organize runs to the Mt. Pulong Bato and Murok areas because more and more people are now exposed to the beauty of Zamboanga City and the Zamboanga City Panorama!

Zamboanga City is indeed beautiful!

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