Tuesday, April 29, 2014


It is Holy Thursday 2014 today. 
During Holy Thursday, many Catholic devotees flock to the Abong-abong (Pasonanca) Stations of the Cross and reaching all the way up to the Cruz Mayor.
People of all ages do their sacrifice through a long walk from the Pasonanca or the Tumaga side.
Mount Pulong Bato (where the Via Crucis and the Cruz Mayor
 are situated and Muruk is the adjacent mountain

At about 1 pm, we were on our way to Murok (the other way). I see Mt. PulongBato from afar. The very minute white speck is actually the Crus Mayor!

There weren't so many people in Abong-abong yet!

The sun is sunny and the weather is fine.
There weren't so many devotees yet at the Cruz Mayor.

At night.
We went down at night and we saw so many devotees walk all the way to Abong-Abong.
Since it was one-way, we have to go in through Pasonanca and go out through the Tumaga side.

This is at the Tumaga side at about 10 p.m. Most are young people but we also see folks carrying their babies and kids. There are older people who also keep their devotion.
The devotees walking towards Abong-Abong

On our way back, we passed by the Pasonanca side.
This is the view as we go to Pasonanca...
we already see the lights of the Via Crucis and the Cruz Mayor.
The other mountain with lights is Muruk!

This is at the Abong-Abong side, where we see many devotees...young and old alike... some are still on the way and some are already done! 

This is close to the Helmet and many are just sitting by the steps
 leading to the Helmet (missed the shot) and
the pictures below lead towards the Boy Scout Camp.
It is almost midnight and there are many people at this time...

The Cruz Mayor now shows more activity, although, I feel there are less devotees than last year!
Cruz Mayor at night

After the Via Crucis and reaching the Cruz Mayor, people gather at the Boy Scout Camp Grounds in Abong-Abong/Muruk to rest, to bond and others really stay overnight.
It is now time to post where they are last Holy Thursday!
Do you see the bright lights of the cellphones and the tablets!?!

It is Good Friday at about 6:30 a.m. and the sun is up!

I feel the crowd still not as dense as in the prior years.

But what is important is our own individual call for prayer and sacrifice during the Lenten Season.

Have a Blessed Lenten Season!

Here are my older posts on Lent at Abong-Abong and Murok, Zamboanga City.


  1. Wow, ang galing po, Doc. Para po kayong naghiking sa bundok. It's nice to know that there were still a lot of people who came up the Cruz Mayor, although it's not as many as before. But you're right, the important thing is each one's call for prayer.

  2. i hope to visit this one day.. a nice place to pray and get in touch with God :)

  3. Its nice to visit the place someday and its good seeing that there are a lot of people walking. I bet its FUN:)

  4. Glad to know you had a peaceful stations of the cross.

  5. Hopefully I get to visit this someday. I haven't been in any other Philippines island except Luzon. Our Lenten tradition is our annual visit iglesia.

  6. Interesting tradition. It must really be a great experience for you celebrating Lent where you are :)