Friday, April 25, 2014


This is the view of done-shaped PulongBato on the right 
and Murok on the left!
As we mentioned in our previous post, ACS Guidelines for Nutrition and Physical Activity for Cancer Prevention, a physically active lifestyle is beneficial for our health.
CMZ runners in a past running challenge!

Running is seen to be one exercise which may be indulged in by almost anyone, with less expense. That is, unless you splurge on your running get-up and accessories!

This Sunday, April 27, 2014, Zamboanga City is up for a really challenging hill run, the MUROK CHALLENGE 2.0 sponsored by the Zamboanga Runners' Club of which the Program Director of the CMZ Breast Wellness Center, Dr. Marissa Marquez-Lim is one of the active officers.

The elevation that the runners may reach in Murok is about 1000  - 1200 feet above sea level.
Registration now open every afternoon at 5 til race day at butterfly farm, pasonanca. Limited stocks of dri-fit event shirt

Well, this activity has its twists! The runners have to finish the route within the cut-off time!

The Zamboanga Runners' Club is looking forward to you joining this hill run!
Zamboanga Runners' Club in Murok
photo credit: from Dr. Marissa Lim's file
Another challenge of this hill run is the time for practice. If one runs after office hours, be prepared because Murok has no street lights and so by the time you are running the 9.5 km. from the Pasonanca Butterfly Garden to the end point in Murok and back to the Butterfly Garden, it  may get really dark and Juvee and Ronald (two of the runners from CMZ) said that you may bump into other runners in the dark!

Anyway, the run starts at 5:30 a.m. and you would have enough light by then. 

Good luck to the organizing committe and to all runners!!! 
Have an enjoyable run!

P.S. This is not a CMZ activity and I am not one of the runners...


  1. It sure is beneficial to do running or walking activities. I really should do more of that. But it's more difficult to have hill runs. Pwede ba downhill lang?

    1. Sabi nila mas maraming injury pag-downhill! Most people think it is easier so they have less control of muscles and the knees when running downhill... so more injury!

  2. Yes, exercise is important for our health. It also causes a person to feel happier. :-)

  3. Just had a little aero this morning. I miss running though.

  4. Great! More activities are all lined up for the awareness of B.R.A. Cheers to the people behind this endeavor and may this advocacy reach the entire Philippines! :)

  5. Very fun and healthy activity. Congratulations to all the winners.

  6. That's cool! If only I'm in ZC I sure want to join the fun..:-)

  7. Oh, I have never entered any running event! Not that I'm a good runner, but I would love to run for the sake of healthy competition. :D

  8. I would love to walk and join this fun activities with my family and friends.:)