Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Before I continue to share with you more of our activities on BREAST WELLNESS and BREAST CANCER AWARENESS, I would like to share with you MYTHS related to BREAST CANCER which I gathered from the I CAN SERVE  website.
Breast cancer happens only to single unmarried women. One’s marital status is not among the factors that affect the risk of developing breast cancer.
Breast cancer only affects older women. While it’s true that the risk of breast cancer increases with age, breast cancer can occur at any age.
Using deodorants causes breast cancer. No studies have ever proven a connection between deodorants and breast cancer.
Using a tight underwire bra increases your risk of breast cancer. Neither the type nor the tightness of your bra or other clothing has any connection to breast cancer risk.
Trauma from being hit in the breast area causes breast cancer. Some women later diagnosed with breast cancer happened to have noticed the lump as they took time to examine themselves after a trauma. But no studies have found trauma to be a riskfor breast cancer.
Having breast implants increases your chances of developing breast cancer. Women with breast implants are at no greater risk of getting breast cancer, according to research.
Herbal remedies and dietary supplements can treat breast cancer. There is insufficient evidence that alternative therapies are safe and effective against breast cancer.
Having STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) increases your risk for breast cancer. Breast cancer and STDs are different types of diseases and are unrelated.
Grilled and fatty foods cause breast cancer. While excess weight is a risk factor, grilled and fatty foods have not been proven to increase risks.
Surgery will make the cancer cells spread. No increased spread of cancer has been found whether patients undergo surgical procedures or not.
Breast cancer is communicable. Breast cancer is a non-communicable disease. It is not contagious. It is not passed from one person to another like an infectious disease.
You will die if you have breast cancer. Even women with bad cases of cancer can live a long time. Treatments today give much hope.
I hope this feature would enlighten you readers on what we gather from common talk and learn to be more proactive in our knowledge about Breast Wellness and Breast Cancer Awareness.
For those in Zamboanga City, why don't we request for a free lecture from the Ciudad Medical Zamboanga Breast Wellness Center (Tel. No. (62)992-7330 local 1278) to learn more about this!
Ciudad De Zamboanga B.R.E.A.S.T
(Bra to Raise Early Awareness for Screening and Treatment) Installation Art
by Rameer Tawasil

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  1. These are very useful tips and insights about breast cancer. I know this will not only good for women but for men too.