Tuesday, December 16, 2014

CMZ Breast Screening and Lecture at Curuan ZC @ November 2014

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Ciudad Medical Zamboanga Breast Wellness Center participated at the MEMPCO Curuan Medical and Dental Mission through Breast Screening and through the Breast Cancer Awareness lecture last November 29, 2014! 

This was through the invitation of Sir Finlan Flores of MEMPCO Curuan.

CMZ Breast Wellness Center Team with Sir Finlan Flores of MEMPCO

Although, Curuan is part of Zamboanga City, it is about 45 kilometers away from Zamboanga City proper.

CMZ, however, recognizes MEMPCO (Micro Entrepeneurs Multi-Purpose Cooperative) as one of the partners of the CMZ B.R.A. Campaign Project by donating used bras early this year and as a way to give thanks, CMZ participated in their Medical and Dental Mission even if the location is quite far away.

As a twist to the usual Medical Mission, CMZ Breast Wellness Center decided to conduct free Breast Cancer Awareness lecture and free breast screening to the MEMPCO members who come from Curuan and from the nearby barangays.
Dr. Filipinas Rojo with the Breast Screeners, Ma'am Watchel, Ma'am Nanette, Ma'am Beth and Ma'am Charlene Francisco
Ma'am Nanette Condeno with patients lining for Breast Screening

Zamboanga City Medical Society and the Philippine Obstetrics and Gynecology Society (POGS) also provided free Pap Smear during this Mission, thanks to Dr. Gaye Gonzales and Dr. Ruvelinda Grace Uy. 
with ZCMS and POGS. Dr. Gaye Gonzales and Dr. Ruvelinda Grace Uy with Sir Agonoy of TFZ 21 IB Charlie Coy. 

CMZ also conducted a free Breast Cancer Awareness lecture during the Medical Mission.

Ma'am Charlene shared the knowledge in Chavacano while Ma'am Watchel also taught them Breast Self Examination in Chavacano.
Ma'am Charlene Francisco explaining Breast Awareness in Chavacano
We also surveyed about Breast Cancer Awareness and found out that there is really very poor breast awareness in that area.
CMZ Breast Wellness Center Team with MEMCO Curuan

with TFZ 21 IB Charlie Coy Commander 1Lt. Irvin Hibaler; MEMPCO Chariman, Ludy Roales and Board Member Yolly Mariano
Thanks so much to MEMPCO Curuan for being such gracious hosts!

It was a most memorable day in Curuan and encouraged our spirits to indeed go to the barangays of Zamboanga City to spread the word about Breast Wellness and Breast Cancer Awareness.  

Thanks to Task Force Zamboanga 21 Infantry Battalion Charlie Company (from Cagayan Valley) headed by 1Lt. Irvin Hibaler who accompanied us to Curuan.
But, we would like to share that the trip to Curuan is actually very comfortable and safe.

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