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CMZ Testimonial to ROJ - April 28, 2014 - AVP

This video post by Ciudad Medical Zamboanga is dedicated to Dr. Reynaldo Joson, our champion consultant-adviser-mentor and this was presented to him during a surprise testimonial during the lunch break of a planning conference he had with Ciudad Medical Zamboanga last April 28, 2014.

Thank you, Juvee and Angel for this AVP!

There were testimonials from:

His former mentees in Zamboanga City Medical Center Department of Surgery and present Task Team Corporate Planning (TTCP) of CMZ: Dr. Marissa Lim and Dr. Alfonso Montuno 

From the CMZ Execom and present CMZ TTCP: Medical Director and TTCP Chairman Dr. Filipinas Rojo; President Dr. Joven Monsanto, Chairman Edwin To and CEO Atty. Jhihann Natividad!
CMZ Task Team Corporate Planning presenting the plaque and cake
to Dr. Reynaldo Joson

We each had lengthy thank you's and words of appreciation but I would just like to post here a very short summary of what was said: 
Dr. Rey, as our Chairman said, “you are our angel sent from heaven!” We second the motion! You changed CMZ and you changed us, individually and as a group! We wouldn’t have THOUGHT of reaching heights until you changed our mindset… and our culture! We wouldn’t have REACHED the Philippine Quality Award Recognition of Commitment to Quality Management without your guidance and without the “push”. Thanks for believing us us… and helping us believe in ourselves! You are now the guiding light as CMZ goes for PQA Level 4… Thank you for continuing to be our consultant-adviser-partner in our Journey Towards Performance Excellence!

We paid a tribute to Dr. Reynaldo Joson because he is the main person who introduced us to the Journey to Performance Excellence and to the Philippine Quality Awards and we know deep in our hearts that we made it because of him as he gently persuaded us to believe that we could make it and being with us along the way! (And so fitting that the background music of the AVP is also Journey!)

We thank you so much that Ciudad Medical Zamboanga (Zamboanga Polymedic Hospital Inc) is the first hospital to attain the Philippine Quality Award and as of the 16th Cycle PQA 2013, the only hospital who got the award.
CMZ PQA Team with Dr. Reynaldo Joson in Malacanang Palace
during the Philippine Quality Awards Conferment Ceremony last March 20, 2014 

ROJoson with CMZ ExeCom and with the Philippine Quality Award trophy = =
Chairman Edwin To; Finance Officer April Charmaine Tamba-Dalguntas; Medical Director Dr. Filipinas Ricamora Rojo; Dr. Reynaldo Joson (ROJoson); CEO Atty Jhihann Hairun-Natividad, HR Manager  Juvee Calica and President Dr. Joven Monsanto

And we know, we will continue to make it as he continues to be our adviser and partner and as he continues to help mold us to make giant steps in this Journey to Quality Management and Performance Excellence and make these embedded in the CMZ Culture!

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