Saturday, May 3, 2014

CMZ Christmas in the Past @ 2003 TO 2006


CMZ Christmas in the Past is a collection of scenes of Christmas Parties starting with the first CMZ Christmas  Party, Alegria Na Ciudad in 2003 up to CMZ Christmas Party in 2006!

Notice that we had our first parties at the CMZ back parking lot!
You can see how much fun we had... a different kind of fun of a budding institution!

CMZ Pioneers would enjoy watching this AVP and reminisce the past... and see how we all looked like before!

CMZ present workforce would enjoy watching this AVP to view who came before them and the changes through the years and compare to what it has evolved to as they experienced it!

Come let us watch this AVP!

AVP done by lexizmil circa August 24, 2007 , CMZ EDP (as it was known before)

Script  by: Juvee Calica (present CMZ Human Resource Manager)
Produced by: Lindamor Agustin (CMZ EDP 2007)

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  1. Juvee C. : Yes doc...super duper saya!...simple but happiness..