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CMZ's Philippine Quality Award Journey: Reflections

Here are some historical and present activities, reflections and insights we had while applying for the Philippine Quality Award that I picked up from our Facebook Pages....

In 2009:
There were wise stockholders who brought up the idea that if CMZ wanted to be sustainable, CMZ had to go into Strategic Planning and decide what it wants to stands for and what it dreams to be.

CMZ looked for a consultant to handle the Strategic Planning Conference and eventually found Dr. Reynaldo Joson.

As advised by Dr. Joson: Before the First Strategic Planning, the TTCP (Task Team Corporate Planning) was created composed of a small group of dependable top and senior management who collaborated in the strategic planning of the whole hospital.

From Dr. Rey Joson's FB:  In 2009, when I facilitated the 1st strategic planning conference for CMZ, because of the commitment of the managers and the trust and confidence given to me, I told them CMZ may be the first hospital to get the Philippine Quality Award. Above the 2009 slide that I retrieved. On March 20, 2014, CMZ indeed became the first hospital to be given the PQA.

From most of the staff: What really is PQA? What do we have to do?

CMZ focused their efforts on the PhilHealth Accreditation based on the PhilHealth Benchbook.

In 2010: 

CMZ is conferred the PhilHealth Center of Safety Accreditation

In 2011: 

CMZ is conferred as the only PhilHealth Center of Quality in the whole Region IX

In 2011:
I vividly remember that starting 2011, I have been advocating to the MHA students the use of Baldrige Health Care Criteria for Performance Excellence or its equivalent in the Philippines, the Philippine Quality Award, for performance improvement.  I have been including Baldrige and PQA in my lectures particularly in my lectures on best management practices and hospital accreditation. I also would tell my students that I am personally into it learning first hand and trying to help hospitals get the Philippine Quality Awards.

June 28, 2012 from PQA FB:
Orientation on PQA and Sharing of Best Practices for the Healthcare Industry — at Traders Hotel, Roxas Boulevard.
CMZ Chairman Edwin To and Medical Director Dr. F. Rojo attend the PQA workshop for the healthcare industry in Manila
From PQA FB July 24, 2014: Some participants flew all the way from Zamboanga to Manila just to witness and learn about the PQA and to the Recipients. — at Traders Hotel, Roxas Boulevard.

I remember, we practically forced ourselves to be accommodated since we were informed that the seminar was full!

Also after the conference, we also had a meeting with Dr. Reynaldo Joson to invite him again for our Second Strategic Planning Conference and to reaffirm our commitment to again vie for the PQA.   

July 26, 2012

FROM CMZ FB Page:  Are we ready for the PQA challenge?
The Quality Circle (Middle Managers) together with CEO Atty. Jhihann Hairun-Natividad, Finance Officer Charm Dalguntas  and Medical Director Dr. Fililipinas  Rojo felt that "We Can Do It!" after listening to the PQA awardees presentation.
FROM Quality Circle:  "We understand the Philippine Quality Award better after this roadshow. We know we can do it, too!"

October 4, 2012
BOD Dr. George Rojo, President Dr. Joven Monsanto with Consultant Dr. Reynaldo Joson, MD Dr. Filipinas Rojo and Dr. Marissa Lim 
Quality Circle HR Manager Juvee Calica, CEO Atty. Jhihann, Nick Daguro with Consultant Reynaldo Joson, Karren Mae Masuhud, Edsel Tiu and Eileen Alvarez

October 13, 2012
DOST IX was conferred the PQA award Level 1 last 2011 and the first from Region IX to be given such award.

Director Brenda Nazareth-Manzano shared with us their journey and encouraged us to apply for the Philippine Quality Award, too.

And it has been a continuous learning experience on many aspects of administration like Balanced Score Card and Performance Evaluation System.

November 19, 2012:

From DR. REYNALDO JOSON: Three years ago, Ciudad Medical Zamboanga underwent the first Strategic Planning Conference: Journey to Excellence. CMZ got the only PhilHealth Center of Quality Award in 2011 in Region IX. Now, CMZ is ready to get Excellence at 9…with Dr. Reynaldo Joson’s mentorship! (Inday Rojo - 12nov19)

FROM FILIPINAS ROJO: Dr. Reynaldo Joson, thank you so much for bearing with us during the Strategic Planning especially with the online phase from September 24 to November 16. We are so glad to have you as our very patient and insightful facilitator for our Second CMZ Strategic Planning Conference from November 17 and 18, 2012. This is just the beginning and we hope to continue to work for PERFORMANCE EXCELLENCE "TO INFINITY ... AND BEYOND"!

November 26, 2012
FROM JUVEE CALICA: The Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with a Single Step---Lao Tzu

December 2, 2012
All the more we became more insecure and felt this is a very difficult journey. 
PQA is looking for ADLI - approach, deployment, learning and integration.
~~ Do we have the approaches?
~~ Have we shared it to the whole workforce?
~~ Have we learned through the years?
~~ Are the changes we made scientifically done?
~~ Have we integrated our approaches across Leadership, Strategic Planning, Customer Focus, Measurements, Operations Focus and Workforce Engagement

PQA is looking for LTCI - level, trend, comparison and integration.
~~ Do we have at least three years of data to compare?
~~ Where do we look for the comparative data?

PQA is looking for innovation!
~~ They say we should benchmark with other industries like the hotel industry!
[Along the way (this 2014!), CMZ was able to create an innovative way for the CMZ Corporate Social Responsibility using Art in Advocacy with the: 1) Ciudad De Zamboanga B.R.E.A.S.T. (Bra to Raise Early Awareness for Screening and Treatment) Installation Art and 2) B.R.A. Advocacy Art Exhibit featuring decorated bras made by CMZ Staff and partners in the community, to promote breast wellness and breast cancer awareness.]

March 11-15, 2013
We are given the chance again to learn how to complete our report... what assessors look for!
We had to go back to ADLI and LTCI!
We also met many aspiring assessors (thank you friends for making the Assessors' Course fun inspite of the challenge) and asked about the other PQA winners' journey... trying to assess if we could make a go of this too! 

April and May 2013:
We (Atty. Jhihann Hairun-Natividad and MD Dr. Filipinas Rojo) had sleepless nights trying to complete the 50-page Application Summary with Dr. Reynaldo Joson in constant communication!
So happy that we have the whole team:
~~~ with the Finance Officer Charm, HR Manager Juvee, Nursing Directors Tet, Ivy and Nicel, Medical Records Head, Karren for collating and arranging the data into tables, graphs for our RESULTS!

RESULTS get 1/2 of the whole score! = = most important to deal with!
Look for benchmarks or comparative data within the community! 
Since this the first time for the healthcare sector, we have difficulty in getting complete data from the Department of Health and more so, from other healthcare institutions especially, this is the probably the first time for hospitals to apply. 

July 4, 2013:
FROM FILIPINAS ROJO: One of the best decisions of Ciudad Medical Zamboanga is to get Dr. Rey Joson as the facilitator for our Strategic Planning conference for two cycles now... and in the process of its implementation, we also gain a mentor, a teacher, a guide, a writer... AND lots of "PEARLS" of knowledge as he imparts to us his education mission... face-to-face, through calls and even on-line!!!

September 9 -23, 2013:
Zamboanga City Siege/ MNLF Stand-off
FROM FILIPINAS ROJO: I received a call from Dir. Fulgencio of the Center of Industrial Competitiveness of the Dept. of Trade and Industry, the second day of the Siege informing us that the Site Visit is an important part of the PQA Process and if we could not be visited then we would miss this chance to be confered the PQA Award for this year.

I expressed to Dir. Fulgencio that CMZ would really feel so bad if this is so because we have really been preparing for the Site Visit. We even feel that with the occurence of the Zamboanga Siege, we even feel more worthy of the PQA Award because we were put to the test in terms of Leadership, Emergency Preparedness and Workforce Engagement. 

He, then, said they would update us.

We thought then that the Siege would end in four to five days and the scheduled PQA Site Visit was about three weeks from that time. When it seemed the Siege would never end, we also did not know what to say to DTI.

At the end of the Siege by the end of September, we were advised that instead of a live Site Visit, we would have video-conferencing instead. 
We were looking forward that we were still given the chance to be considered even if no one dared go to Zamboanga City at that time.

The great challenge was will the set-up work fine. We haven't had Brown-outs during the Siege. We improved the hardware for IT at the second half of 2012 and we felt we could make a go out of this.

October 21-23, 2013: 
This marked the days of the SITE VISIT!
We felt we did well in terms of no hitches with our  IT set-up and there was adequate communication through the Internet during the whole process.

The Chairman of the Board and the whole Executive Committee was present throughout the whole process.

The IT support was fine with our Finance Officer, Human Resource Manager and IT Consultant ready to submit any documents needed by the assessors through Facebook.

The Middle Managers especially the Nursing Team were available for any immediate needs  and documents.

The workforce (as chosen by the Assessors) who were interviewed did very well in their interview.

DTI IX leaders were present to monitor the whole activity.

October 26, 2013:

From DR. REYNALDO JOSON:I suppose this is related to the "push." This will be part of the history of CMZ in its PQA Project. Archive this.
NOVEMBER 25, 2013  FROM FILIPINAS ROJO: This message was sent during the Zamboanga Crisis (MNLF Stand-off) where we were wondering if the staff are still up and ready with the PQA assessment considering the grave risk of danger and ongoing stress they were also exposed to at that time. 

But with the positive outlook of Dr. Rey who still believed in us, we crossed the bridge together and just yesterday continued on with the Annual Planning Conference to prepare CMZ for the new year 2014! 

Dr. Rey has "PUSHED"us several times especially at times we thought we were not that optimistic... so glad he did because he has now infected all the Senior Leaders and Middle managers with his brand of Performance Excellence!

December 2, 2013

Present thoughts: March 20, 2014

Last March 20, 2014, a hospital that I helped, Ciudad Medical Zamboanga, was conferred a a Philippine Quality Award, the first hospital in the Philippines to get this award.  Now that my advocacy, learning, and coaching have borne fruit, a hospital conferred with the first Philippine Quality Award, I now feel more confident in advocating and teaching, not only to the Masteral students in Hospital Administration of CPH and but also to other hospital administrators in the Philippines who want to use Baldrige or PQA for its journey towards excellence.
The fruit of my advocacy, learning, and mentorship, an opportunity and privilege to touch and carry the CMZ’s PQA Trophy by Orlina.
MARCH 20, 2014 FROM REYNALDO O. JOSON: A 2009 Prophecy Fulfilled with the conferment of PQA to CMZ on March 20, 2014 - "You (CMZ) may be the first hospital to get the Philippine Quality Award - ROJ."
I share this trophy with my husband, George who is also one of the Board of Directors and also Department Head of ER and Surgery (and OR). 

MARCH 21, 2O14 FROM CHARM TAMBA-DALGUNTAS: what makes me extra proud of CMZ's PQA award is the fact that we almost gave up because the scheduled assessors' visit was supposed to be Sept2013....and while we prepare for it the siege happened and the eval period was over in a snap while the whole hospital served during the city's tough times.....we're just soo grateful for the extended chance for an evaluation, the whole team's drive and then eventually for the judges' believing that CMZ is very much committed to quality from top to bottom...

MARCH 21, 2O14 FROM CHARM TAMBA-DALGUNTAS: was inside malacanang for the first time for CMZ'S Phil Quality Award...the rizal hall is such a feast to the eyes....lalo na kung hayok ka for art stuff dhl u havent seen some for so long hehehe...oh and the cocktail food was great too! kuddos to the palace's chef! 

MARCH 21, 2014 FROM JUVEE CALICA:  Our Pride and Our Proof..Congratulations Ciudad Medical Zamboanga Family
CMZs way of making Zamboanga City PROUD!

The PQA journey IS worth the trip. By following the Balrige Criteria, CMZ improved a lot in Leadership, Strategic Planning, Customer Focus, Workforce Focus and Processes as well as Measurements and Focus on Results! 

We did reach our vision of Performance Excellence that is nationally recognized. We know we still have a long way to go, but at least we know, WE ARE ON THE RIGHT TRACK!


  1. Wow, congratulations Doc and to all of you who made it happen. It was a long journey for your Philippine Quality Award but it was all worth it. And whoa! CMZ is the first Philippine hospital to get that award? Great! Congrats! :-)

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    1. Yes, this is really just the beginning of the journey and we have to push ourselves to higher levels. ISO is considered as one of the things we need to do, but according to other winners who have garnered the ISO and the Investors in People like Lyceum, they said that the PQA Award is what they considered as the Mother of All their awards.

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  25. Thank you, BC Bloggers! Many of the thoughts, insights and reflections you share are also very instrumental for me to look at things in a positive way! ... These days, we are expecting negative people around who may try to test us, but as we have learned, these people are the ones who make us stronger! Let us continue to share the learning experiences and positive vibes to all our readers!