Friday, February 28, 2014


The Ciudad Medical Zamboanga B.R.A. (Bra to Raise Awareness) Campaign is still on! 
We are collecting old and used bras which will be used by Zamboanga artists led by Rameer Tawasil to create a huge B.R.A. installation art (this is 3D and sculpture-like but made out of individual bras!) here in Zamboanga City which we would like to call the:
Ciudad de Zamboanga B.R.E.A.S.T. 
(Bra to Raise Early Awareness for Screening and Treatment) Art!

We believe this will be the largest Bra Installation Art made out of individual bras in the Philippines and hopefully the world! (Please inform us if this is not so!) 

And most of all, this B.R.A. Art is created through the efforts of the Zamboanga City community and friends from all over the Philippines!
We are still in Phase 2 which is the Bra collection phase.

We still have about a week to go for the B.R.A. Collection Contest wherein the deadline is on March 8, 2014 at 10 a.m., but we will still be receiving bras up to March 16, while the artists will be putting up  the Installation Art itself. 

We would like to acknowledge our benefactors!

B.R.A. BENEFACTORS (as of February 28, 2014)
*** ZAMBOANGA POLYMEDIC HOSPITAL INC. (Ciudad Medical Zamboanga)

*** RAMEER TAWASIL for his brilliant ideas, time and talent! 

*** SIEMENS PHILIPPINES c/o Mr. Mike Tan, SVP of Siemens Healthcare Philippines and Mr. Reggie Ng, Vice President and head of sales, Siemens Healthcare 

*** HEALTH SOLUTIONS through Mr. Rex Castillo and Mr. Ver Suba and of course to Ms. Shenelle Martin for spearheading bra collection, too.

B.R.A. MEDIA FRIENDS who have been with us since the beginning of the B.R.A. project
*** Mila Arieta of Zamboanga Today
*** RG Antonet Go
*** Dante Corteza of Daily Zamboanga Times

*** GBPI TV 11

B.R.A. COMMUNITY PARTNERS are groups who have committed to display B.R.A. Drop Boxes and tarpaulins in their institution to help in the collection of old and used bras through their staff and to their stakeholders.

At this time, we would like to acknowledge our community partners! (Note: This will be a very long post with the litany of partners!)

*** Sangguniang Panglungsod c/o Vice-Mayor Cesar Iturralde and City Councilor, Myra Paz V. Abubakar, head of the Gender and Development Committee.

** Department of Health Region IX c/o RD Dr. Nimfa Torrizo and Dr. Ma. Agnes Mabolo, non-Communicable Disease Coordinator

** Zamboanga City Health Office c/o City Health Officer Dr. Rodel Agbulos 

** PhilHealth Region IX

** Social Security Services

** Office of Civil Registrar
** Zamboanga City Water District

** Western Mindanao Command
** Western Mindanao State University 
WMSU College of Nursing

WMSU Student Council

** Ateneo De Zamboanga University
ADZU College of Nursing

** Universidad de Zamboanga

** Pilar  College

** Brent Hospital and Colleges, Inc.

** Nuevo Zamboanga Colleges

** Claret School

** Mindpro Citimall

** Budgetwise

** Yubenco Starmall
** Shopper's Group
Shopper's Central
Gateway Mall

Amazingly decorated mall decoration c/o Shopper's Central!
** Southway Mall

** Metrobank

** Philippine National Bank
PNB Nuñez Branch

PNB Veterans Branch
PNB Buenavista Branch

PNB San Jose Branch

** Lantaka Hotel By the Sea

** KCCDFI Microfinance

** Bygems Baloons (Branches: Governor Ramos and Astoria Hotel)

** Sophie Paris Philippines - Zamboanga District
Thanks so much to Ms. Carissa Alvarez of Sophie
for volunteering to join the B.R.A. Campaign and
to Ms. Lot Gutierrez and Michael Librando
for their extra effort to invite friends in Facebook
 to joint this project!
** My Global Link

B.R.A. FRIENDS are groups tapped by the CMZ workforce to help them in the collection of the brassieres or who help out with the project in whatever way they can.
** Ciudad Medical Confidants (CMZ Clinic Secretaries) c/o Ruth Facto
** Mindanao Breast Cancer Support and Empowerment Group c/o Ms. Florence Alcazar, President
** Zamboanga City Medical Society c/o Dr. john Anacan, President
** Zamboanga City Camera Club c/o President Sixto Kwan and Michelle Lim
** Zamboanga Bloggers c/o Jannie Joshelle Parel
** Immaculate Conception Elementary School through Hemodialysis Unit
** My friends: The first set of friends who gave bras and rallied for the CMZ B.R.A. Campaign Project!
~~~~~ Dr. Cynthia Chan-Hortelano from Cebu for being the first B.R.A. friend from outside of Zamboanga City to send bras
~~~~~ Dr. Jocelyn Baltazar of Dagupan, Pangasinan to personally give me her donated bras and continues to rally for more from the Region ! Medical Center.
~~~~~ Dr. Ida Ochotorena-Geronimo of Dipolog, Zamboanga Del Norte for rallying for the CMZ B.R.A. Campaign Project in Dipolog.
~~~~~ Ms. Winnie Dela Rosa of Quezon City and Ms. Eunice Mareth Querol-Areola of Las Piñas (from the Friendship Program) for sending me their bras.
~~~~~ Ms. Nora Jabonitalla Sanico of Addison, Chicago for rallying all her friends in Facebook to support the CMZ B.R.A. Campaign Project.

For our  B.R.A. Community Partners, we will have another CMZ B.R.A. A.R.T. Workshop on March 12, 2014 to gather the partners together and also to create bedazzled bra-sterpieces!

We are excited by the response of the Zamboanga City community and we do hope that we can really collect so many brassieres to create a beautiful Installation Art very soon!

Don't forget that to better understand and gain the most out of the B.R.A. Campaign Project, lectures on Breast Wellness and Breast Cancer Awareness are offered to the Community Partners and to any group interested to learn more about it, with primary lecturer, Dr. Marissa Lim. Just contact CMZ Breast Wellness Center (062)992-7330 local 1278 and look for Seny or Beth.

We really do hope that we would have a wide reach throughout Zamboanga City and hopefully the world, through social media!

Don't forget:

The awareness starts with us!


Ciudad Medical Zamboanga
Breast Wellness Center
Mayor Vitaliano Agan Avenue (former Nunez Extension)
Zamboanga City 7000
Tel No. (63)(62)992-7330 local 1278


  1. Breast cancer is indeed a deadly illness, that it should be treated early to survive. My MIL died of breast cancer and God knows how much she suffered.

    1. True, Jan! Somehow we know someone who has breast cancer = = in the family, a friend or a colleague. We are so happy for those who are survivors for several years...they are our inspiration for early detection and early treatment!

  2. It's great that members from the different sectors of society have decided to help in this cause.

  3. i can't wait for the final product of this project! good luck! :)

  4. This is an issue that affects everyone. I am nearing the age when I had to have a mammogram.

  5. This is a very informative post and a lot of photos too to support the program. Women must be aware of breast cancer. I want to be protected myself.

  6. I hope this project spreads through other regions, throughout the country, and eventually, go international!

  7. great advocacy, doc! the awareness your team has started seems a success and may this endeavor be the start of a healthier Filipino nation!

  8. It's amazing that there are so many people supporting this event. This is really great! I wish this project more success.

  9. This is amazing! I salute you for all you do and spreading the awareness of breast cancer. More success campaign in the future:)

  10. I'm sure it was a tiring day. But very worthy effort.

  11. many people spreading the information about breast cancer. You guys really put in a lot of effort.

  12. kudos to all of you for this great advocacy. May your journey be smooth sailing and may you all be able to help a lot of people. Goodluck and God bless you all!

  13. You look so tireless in promoting your advocacy, kudos! Now pa lang, successful because of all the awareness you've raised :)

  14. I find it so amazing when people and companies rally do what they can to raise awareness on important things and push for action. Really happy for you that so many have parntered with you for this campaign. Best of luck! :)

  15. Good luck Ms. Pinay! You are always an inspiration to us. And I know you are always blessed because you never get tired of helping others. As I have already said, this campaign will definitely go a long way. God bless you all.

    Mommy Maye

  16. This is really a good project, can't wait to see the finish structure.

  17. I hope a lot of people donates used bras so that you guys can start the project soon.

  18. Big Thank You to you and all the people behind this campaign. Lot of people doing it too, spread the breast cancer all over the country and hopefully around the world.