Wednesday, May 11, 2016


May 11, 2016
The CMZ Performance Excellence (CPEx) Rounds Team  visited the Cardiology Unit with CMZ Execom, MD Filipinas Rojo, HR Juvee Calica, AO Karren Masuhud and ND Celita Calma.

The CPEx Team was greeted by Cardiology Unit Head, Dr. Benjamin Lopez and Chief Respiratory Therapist, Joanne Suarez and their staff.

The Patient Safety discussions were done at the Cardio-Pulmonary Unit.

The Cardiology Unit staff were reoriented on the International Patient Safety Goals and how these could be adapted to the ancillary unit especially on Identifying Patients Correctly, Effective Communication, Medication Safety and on Hospital Acquired Infections. 

The Cardiology Unit head made sure that the personnel were productive in their sharing of patient safety issues as well as on best practices. Among of the main issues were Human Resource related to 1) staffing wherein changes had to be done to fit present staff complement while adjusting personnel requirements and 2) further developing competencies for the staff through staff training in Manila for special procedures.

We had a very interesting discussion with the Cardiology Unit and we are looking forward to development of this section.

CPEx 7 opened our eyes to new technology and needs as well as patient safety issues and we hope the focused group discussion could further contribute to the development of the Culture of Patient Safety in Ciudad Medical Zamboanga.

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