Sunday, February 9, 2014

CMZ B.R.A. A.R.T. Workshop 2014

An off-shoot of the CMZ B.R.A. (Bra to Raise Awareness) Campaign Project is the CMZ B.R.A. A.R.T. Workshop 2014!

The acronym A.R.T. means Act Right Together!
*    Act so this Advocacy becomes a reality!
** Right so that everyone becomes pro-active on doing the right thing, which is acting upon the advocacy.
***Together because this Advocacy can only become a reality if we do this together, starting with the CMZ community and hopefully, the whole City of Zamboanga!

Interestingly, this is also so timely for February, the National Arts Month!

During this B.R.A. collection period, we had discussions that if we wait for next month, we may be cramming to finish embellished bras, so Mr. Rameer Tawasil, our artist partner agreed to have an Art Workshop initially, with the interested CMZ workforce with a love for art.

So here are some of the scenes from the workshop itself.
Part I: We have for the participants, the Borloloy Buffet! They can choose whatever art material they feel they would want to use. We hope the array of paints, glues, beads, beans, feathers, sequins, scrap cloth, pens, and a whole lot more sparked their artistic minds... again!

Part II: Just before the start of the workshop, Rameer Tawasil shared the Art Concept behind the B.R.A.Campaign Project and what he expects would be the products of this workshop.
The  main Art Concept of Rameer Tawasil for the
Installation Art on Breast Wellness and Breast Cancer Awareness.
This is the second Art Concept that Rameer Tawasil would like to do and thus, we need the stakeholders like the CMZ workforce and members of the partner establishment to join in to make embellished brassieres, thus, this workshop. 

Part III: Let the creativity the CMZ staff choose whch materials they would want to use for their art bras!
Participants so seriously make their Bra-sterpieces (from bra masterpiece)!

Part IV: Here is the making of the Bra-sterpieces!
Part V: Participants of the first ever CMZ B.R.A. A.R.T. Workshop!

Events specialist Joe Harris, CMZ CEO Atty. Jhihann Natividad,
CMZ MD Dr. Filipinas Rojo, CMZ Pres. Dr. Joven Monsanto,
Artist Rameer Tawasil and CMZ AO, Ms. Ruby Ann Puzon

Ms. Michelle Lim of PNB and of the Camera Club of Zamboanga City with CMZ Medical Director, Dr. Filipinas Rojo and Administrative Officer, Ms. Ruby Ann Puzon

The participants were encouraged to finish their art pieces after the workshop and enjoined to do more of these and encourage other staff to do the same.

Another CMZ B.R.A. A.R.T. Workshop is scheduled on March 12, 2014 with representatives from the partner groups as participants.

We do look forward to more of these workshops to further involve the community in our Bra to Raise Awareness Campaign!


  1. I can see familiar faces Doc! Sana nakago ako sayang pero okay lang! Super pink, very girly! ♥

    1. As of now, our target schedule is on March 12. I hope you can come. If you like to decorate a bra at home and bring it over to us, that would also be nice!

  2. Will inform you for our next activity...

  3. Looks like everyone enjoyed the art workshop :) It's so nice that you have mixed arts with the awareness. Minsan kasi it's awkward to discuss something about breast. Hehe

    Mommy Maye

  4. I was going to ask if there were workshops for the bras after I saw the contest and the amazing bras that were made. They are really creative and fr such a great cause.