Friday, July 3, 2015

James and Lucy West Golden Anniversary 1: Cuando Cuando

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This is a You Tube video I uploaded of James West singing "Cuando Cuando" during his Golden Wedding anniversary held at the Astoria Regency Hotel this July 3, 2015 in Zamboanga City.

Not everyone is given the chance to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, more so, given the chance to perform their abilities like singing in James West's case.

But then, in the 1950's he was a 16-week singing champion here in Zamboanga City with the looks to beat, but then only defeated by his beautiful wife, Luisita!

They say he fell in love that's why he lost... to give way to the lady who caught his heart? ... or was she really better! (see in the next blogpost)

But the highlight of their love story happened during the Zamboanga Siege last September 2013, when both of them, who were already in their 70's were taken hostage by the MNLF. James West, actually had been admitted for a heart condition just before the incident.

Can you imagine their plight? They stuck together through the difficulties and near death experience... and made it TOGETHER! ... An epic love affair you can say!

So they indeed deserve this Golden Anniversary celebration to herald their love story through glitz and songs!!! 

Congratulations to James and Lucy West and to their three lovely daughters, Janeth, Sandra and Gina, known as the beautiful singing trio, the West Sisters in the 80s and 90s here in Zamboanga City!


  1. From FB: Ellen A: Beautiful love story... Happy golden anniversary and more blessings to come ur way...

  2. From FB: Josie M.L.: Congratulations Mr. And Mrs. West! Great couples indeed! God Bless you with more and more years together