Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Thanks so much Barangay San Jose Gusu c/o Kap Joel Esteban for allowing us to share our advocacy at Barangay San Jose Gusu. 

Thanks to fellow Zamboanga City blogger and CMZ OR nurse, Jannie Joshelle Parel for coordinating with the Barangay San Jose Gusu.

Thanks to the CMZ BRAngay Team for taking care of the activity.

1.    Breast Lecture
2.     Breast Screening
Total No. of Participants: 21 participants
Total No. of Clinical Breast Screened Patients: 21 patients
Total No. of Patients palpated with lump/s: 1 patients
Total Number of Participants answered questionnaire: 14 participants

Participants come from BARANGAY:
1.     San Jose Gusu
20 – 30: 5 participants
31 – 40: 7 participants
41 above: 2 participants

ü  Patients who said they know breast self examination is aware of the procedure but does not do it monthly.

BRAngay Project Team
CMZ Screening Team
1.     Leizel de Sosa
2.     Lilibeth Magrelos
3.     Watchel Basilio
4.     Ma. Charlene Francisco
5.     Jeanrose Canizares
6.     Cristina Bolo
7.     Catherine Baginda
8.     Rolando Paog

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