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November 13, 2015

Ciudad Medical Zamboanga Breast Wellness Center partners with the E-Media Servicio Caravan for the Breast Lecture and Breast Screening activities and the CMZ BRAngay 21 stop is Ayala National High School.

Included is the Shirt Designing activity for Grade 9/10 Student participants for they pledge for the Breast Cancer Awareness advocacy. 

Dr. Al ZamZam also joins the Medical Team for the medical mission part of Servicio Caravan.    

1.     Breast Lecture
2.     Breast Screening
3.     Open Forum (Questions from participants)
Total No. of Participants: 104 Participants

Total No. of Clinical Breast Screened Patients:  29 patients

Total Number of Participants answered questionnaire: 28 participants

Barangays served based on where participant live: 15 Barangays

Breast Cancer Awareness Lecture

Breast Screening

Shirt Design discussion on what they learned from the Breast awareness lecture and on how they would write their pledge for support on the advocacy.

Shirt Design Presentation for Breast Awareness

This is indeed a very fruitful day with young minds as they start to appreciate the Breast Awareness advocacy.

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