Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Zamboanga City Christmas Lights and Music 2016

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Similar to 2015, this 2016 is still a Christmas for children in Zamboanga City!

"Un Mundo de Paz y Amistad" Cristiano, Muslim y Lumad...todo kita unido para el Ciudad de Zamboanga. Feliz advento del Dios Emanuel y Bondadozo Año Nuevo! -- Mayor Beng Climaco

As explained by Mayor Beng Climaco of Zamboanga City, this year’s theme of the Christmas celebration stemmed from the simple request of a little girl for a Small World Christmas

"In bringing to the City replicas of the famous landmarks from different countries and continents, the theme is a representation of the local government’s desire to promote peace, unity, and friendship amongst all people in Zamboanga City."

Day Shots of the Small World Christmas at the Zamboanga City Hall
Day Shots of the Small World Christmas at the Paseo Del Mar, Zamboanga City

“The theme is our version of Un Mundo de Paz para todo los vivientes. El diferente continente y landmarks from different parts of the world showcase the message of paz, unidad, y amistad,” as quoted from our City Mayor. 

From the TV news, I also heard from the City's Chief Executive, that since we have a century-old City Hall, it is safer to have this Board type of decoration as a way to prevent fires...

Here are my night shots taken with the beautiful Christmas lights in Zamboanga City!

Night Shots of the Small World Christmas at the Zamboanga City Hall

Night Shots of the Small World Christmas at the Plaza Pershing in Zamboanga City

Night Shots of the Small World Christmas at the Paseo Del Mar in Zamboanga City

I hope you enjoyed going over the Zamboanga City Christmas festive lights this year!

We have to thank all those who were instrumental for these grand designs that transform our Zamboanga City Hall from a historical landmark to the icon of Christmas joy, with special mention to the Zamboanga City General Service Office!

SO, don't forget to visit the Zamboanga City Hall and Paseo Del Mar LIVE, and you will definitely feel CHRISTMAS IS NOW IN ZAMBOANGA CITY!!!

The City General Services Office is in charge in the physical set up of most of the City Government's activities and their biggest activity is the yuletide decors which we start preparing as early as June.

The ZC GSO is headed by Engr. Rene M. Dela Cruz and with special mention to Architect Rizamay Sta. Teresa Basing. The City GSO has in-house carpenters, painters/artists, electricians and the whole GSO Team produce and create everything from scratch including the controls of the lights.

Special mention to:
**The very able GSO electricians who does the controls: 
~~~ Danilo Ulod, General Electrician Foreman (the one in-charge of City Hall controls)
~~~ Edwin Lunggay, Electrician II (in-charge of lighting at the Paseo Del Mar and Plaza Pershing controls)
**Artists/Painters: Alex Mendoza, Wenifred Aranquez, Rodolfo Raquel 
**Scuplture/Steel & Christmas Tree Master: Edgar Javier
**Master Welders: Ronie Cartagena, Roberto Tayone, Nestor Bengil 

All the GSO field personnel help out in this great and fantastic production!

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