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November 24, 2016

This November 24, 2016, Ciudad Medical Zamboanga welcomes Claret School of Zamboanga City Senior high students as they participate in the CMZ Student Tour for Exposure to Professions in Healthcare (S.T.E.P.H.) Program. 

S.T.E.P.H. stands for Student Tour for Exposure  to Professions in Healthcare which is a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program under Human Resource with Ms. Juvee Calica, HR Manager as lead.
Thanks to Claret School of Zamboanga Senior High students for participating in the CMZ Student Tour for Exposure to Professions in Healthcare (S.T.E.P.H.) Program.

The students from Claret School of Zamboanga listen to the speakers on the different professions in the healthcare industry as well as exposure to healthcare related advocacies.

HR Manager Ms. Juvee Calica, CMZ STEPH lead for the Introduction of the Program

Medical  Director, Dr. Albert Tan on the medical profession

CMZ STEPH Assistant Lead, Dr. Filipinas Rojo on the medical profession and ancillary Services as well as on the Breast Cancer Awareness advocacy

Nursing Director, Ms. Celita Calma, on the Nursing Profession and on the Hand Washing advocacy.
CMZ Administrative  Officer, Ms Karren Mae Masuhud on Administrative professions
CEO Atty. Jhihann  Hairun-Natividad during the Closing Remarks

After the enlightening insights from the speakers, exposure to the hospital setting showcased to the students the personnel at work, how processes were done, the equipment they use. Students asked a lot of question from the staff and were very excited when they were allowed to try out some of the machines.  

The class was divided into smaller groups and two facilitators were assigned to each group for better interaction. Thank you so much to our facilitators.
Facilitators for the CMZ STEPH Program


Hospital Tour

These are some of the areas visited.
Cardio-Pulmonary section

Rehabilitation Unit

Radiology: X-ray Fluorsocopy Room

Radiology: X-ray Giraffe Mobile X-ray

Radiology: How to do the Ultrasound...

Radiology: Mood light at Mammography

Radiology: Mammography examination room

Radiology: Siemens Spirit CT Scan

Radiology: Siemens Perspective 64 slice CT Scan
Radiology: Siemens 1.5 T MRI


with Assistant Nursing Director for Training, Jace Pellovello

with CPR equipment

Admin/Finance exposure

Words from the CEO

Thanks to Claret School of Zamboanga

Lunch and Evaluation
Filling up survey forms

It was such a fun and interesting S.T.E.P.H. program with very receptive students from Claret School of Zamboanga.
Thanks Fr. Mauricio Ulep, School Director and Fr. Julius Boado for allowing CMZ to share our advocacy.

We do hope the CMZ STEPH Career Advocacy Program can really help your students in one way or the other in you decision-making!

Looking forward to your other Senior High School and Junior High School students to come over too in our next STEPH activities!

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