Saturday, March 28, 2015


The third month of the year is almost ending and up to now, this is only my third blogpost!

Why?, you may ask...

Well, I am still proud to say that it is because of the so many activities, Ciudad Medical Zamboanga have had that has put on hold this blog.

But, I do have so many stories to share once I get the time to sit down and click the keys away!

Basically, we have expanded the CMZ B.R.A. (Bra to Raise Awareness) Campaign Project to the CMZ BRAngay, which is the community outreach offshoot, BRA meaning BReast Awareness to the barangays OR n.g.a.y. meaning to neighborhoods, groups, associations and the youth! Interesting, right!?! As of this March 29, 2015, we have had 8 activities so 8 blogposts to come!

We have more B.R.A. Installation Arts that we are proud of, our B.R.A. Vinta and the B.R.A.lentine Art Wall!

For our Patient Safety initiatives, we have come up with the CMZ Performance Excellence (CPEx) Rounds which is a combination of the Patient Safety Executive Walkrounds and the DOH Safe Hospital Initiatives and we already have 5 CPEx rounds and one more coming up before the month ends! So 6 activities means 6 blogposts to come too!

Just with these two initiatives, we are already so busy most of the weeks aside from the daily duties we have to perform. What more for the other initiatives the other leaders are championing!

2015 is indeed exciting and challenging!!! Watch out for our stories!

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