Saturday, May 16, 2015


CMZ BRAngay 3 continued on in Barangay Tetuan with the request of the teachers of the Tetuan Central School through Ms. Estarlita Ramirez and her principal, Dr. Ronald F. Abaa and still with the support of Barangay officials Hon. Marisa Aizon and Amado (JR) Natividad.
Thank you to Ma'am Star (faculty at the Tetuan Central School and who invited us) for also writing about the activity:
And here are some photos on the activity: 

Ma'am Christina and Ma'am Ruby at the Registration table 
Dr. Filipinas Rojo and Ms. Watchel Basilio for the Breast Cancer Awareness lecture and demonstration on how to do the Breast Self-Examination

Seated: Hon. Marisa Aizon and Hon. Amado "JR" Natividad of Barangay Tetuan
Standing: Dr. Filipinas Rojo of CMZ, Ms. Estarlita Ramirez of Tetuan Central School and Ms. Ruby Ann Puzon of CMZ

Participants of the Breast Cancer Awareness Seminar and Breast Screening
from Tetuan Central School

These are the CMZ BREAST Team at the Breast Screening Area.

Thank you, Tetuan Central School for giving us the opportunity to serve!

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