Saturday, May 16, 2015


It was very exciting for the CMZ BRAngay Project Team to go to a barangay located about 16 kilometres from the Zamboanga City Hall, Barangay Lumayang and especially that we have to go up the mountain at the East Coast. But do not be afraid, the road to Lumayang is now concrete!

This was through the invitation of Barangay Captain Frederick Atilano, who is practically part of the CMZ BRAngay family through his frequent coverage of our advocacy.

This is Kap Frederick's pre-birthday celebration gift to the Lumayang community with a Breast Awareness lecture and screening to the women together with feeding and a firing activity for the men. We are more than glad to share our time and knowledge to his community!

Here are photos of the activity!
the beautiful Lumayang Barangay Hall with a large covered court beside this...
Lumayang Kap Frederick Atilano with CMZ AO Ruby Ann Puzon
and CMZ MD Dr. Filipinas Rojo

Ma'am Cristina explains in Chavacano

Aside from the Breast Wellness activities, other patients also took the chance for a check-up!
Visiting Lumayang was an eye-opener for us... that, although, this place is quite far from the City proper, Lumayang is actually very accessible with good concrete roads. It is a beautiful rural barangay  in the east coast and encourages us to appreciate Zamboanga City more as well as the products it offers such as the Lumayang Spiced Vinegar and of course, the fresh fruits!

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