Friday, November 28, 2014

Ciudad Medical Zamboanga Miss NSO (Nursing Service Office) 2014 at E-MEDIA

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Last October 3, 2014, the Ciudad Medical Zamboanga Miss NSO (Nursing Service Office) 2014 candidates were invited by E-Media Productions and it was indeed a fun 32-minute exchange, where the nine candidates were each given ample time for the Q&A and where they all were able to exude intelligence and eloquence embodying the Miss CMZ NSO! 

All the ladies were in PINK since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. These are beauties with purpose... as Breast Cancer Awareness envoys and also as promoters of good health and hygiene in children with the Alis-Kuto activity they had at Canelar Elementary School.

One of the special awards is Breast Wellness Ambassadress, which is an online contest to promote breast awareness. You can press this link to know more about it!

We would like to salute our E-Media anchors, Rey Bayona Bayoging and G.I.L. Climaco for being so accommodating and so amusing! 

In this venue, the Miss NSO candidates were able to show how confident and how witty they were, reflecting competence and strength as CMZ nurses.
Miss Lia Carmella Delina (OR Complex), Miss Jade Silorio (Hemodialysis),
Miss Kenjilyn Uchida (ICU) and Miss Guada Arcillas (ER)
Miss Jade Silorio (Hemodialysis)
Miss Shanaine Gayle Magracia (OB-Gyne Ward)
Miss Tessa Beth Gica (Ward H)

So proud of these candidates who represented CMZ in a very positive light!

We would like to thank E-Media, especially, President Rey Bayona Bayoging and Head of News and Current Affairs, G.I.L. Climaco for this wonderful opportunity and for the exposure. And we would also like to thank Congresswoman Lilia Nuno for sharing her airtime with us!
"Hindi lang este Radyo. TV este. E-Media mo!"

We really enjoyed the interview and so we hope you give yourself time to listen to it in You Tube, and we know you will enjoy the conversation, too!
Ciudad Medical Zamboanga is a 160-bed private tertiary hospital in Zamboanga City, who is the first recipient of the Philippine Quality Award for the Hospital industry and was conferred the PQA Level 1 award by Pres. Benigno Aquino last March 21, 2014 at the Rizal Hall, Malacanan Palace.

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