Wednesday, November 5, 2014

CMZ Miss NSO 2014 Breast Wellness Ambassaddress

Ciudad Medical Zamboanga's Eleventh Anniversary was opened with a very exciting Miss NSO (Nursing Service Office) 2014 Pageant.
One of the special awards for the Miss NSO 2014 is the Online Voting for Breast Wellness Ambassadress. This is the second year that this special award is conferred.

How does one become The Breast Wellness Ambassaddress?

The Miss NSO 2014 Candidates had their photos taken at the Lantaka Hotel By The Sea, where the CMZ Bra to Raise Awareness Art Exhibit is displayed!

The original venue for the photoshoot is at the Paseo Del Mar with the giant B.R.A. Installation Art, however, there was a strong rainfall which changed the plans.

Attached to each photo were Advocacy quotes written by the candidates themselves, plus Advocacy Notes provided by the CMZ Breast Wellness Center.

These photos were then posted ONLINE at the CMZ BRA Campaign Project Facebook Page, where these photos would be Liked, Commented upon and Shared! 

Here are the Miss NSO 2014 Candidates and the sample of the Online Voting Results. The numbers are very close and the statistics for the winner for Breast Wellness were computed exactly at the time of cut-off by the Miss NSO 2014 Organizing Committee!

P.S. Photos with the present statistics are not the numbers at the time of cut-off, but still presented to show the extent of efforts and engagement for Online Presence.

Congratulations to Candidate No. 7 Shanaine Magracia of WARD C who won as the Breast Wellness Ambassadress based on the Computation Formula provided prior to the start of the Voting. 
Breast Wellness Ambassadress, Ms. Shanaine Gayle Magracia of Ward Charlie
Miss Photogenic
Best in Production Attire

These are the winners for the Online voting:
Ward C OB-Gyne ward got the Highest Likes, Shares and Comments on Facebook.
These statistics were taken  at the cut-off time.

Ward E Medical ward got the Highest Likes on Instagram.

Ward A Surgical ward  got a special prize for the Highest Reach on Facebook.

OR Complex was the first to submit the 20 decorated bras during the Contest period.

Thanks so much to all who supported this Online Voting for The CMZ Breast Wellness Ambassadress, especially all their ward  and unit teammates, and of course, the consultants who also gave their all to help! 

Thanks for the awesome Reach, Likes, Comments and Shares!!

CMZ hopes that in its own way, this Online Presence contest would have spread the word about Breast Wellness and Breast Cancer Awareness!!!
Miss NSO 2014 and her court (credit: Miss NSO 2014 files)

Most of all, CONGRATULATIONS to Miss NSO 2011, Miss Kenjilyn Uchida and her court: First Runner Up, Miss Krista Ayara Cabaron; Second Runner-up, Miss Krizzell Wee; Third Runner up, Miss Tessa Beth Gica and Fourth Runner-up, Miss Jade Silorio.

We are so proud of all of you!
And you make us proud CMZians!!!

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