Tuesday, November 1, 2016


August 9, 2016

The Philippine Medical Association Zamboanga City Chapter celebrates National Hospital Week with a series of lectures on non-communicable diseases throughout the different hospitals in Zamboanga City. 
On its fourth day, the sponsor was Ciudad Medical Zamboanga with the CMZ Breast Wellness Center​.  

The speaker on the topic #Breast Cancer (read as hashtag Breast Cancer) [Cancer Facts: Awareness and Early Detection] was Dr. Nelson Laja, a well-known medical oncologist in Zamboanga City.

The video by "I Can Serve" with Ms. Dawn Zulueta as host was presented as well as demonstration on the Breast Self Examination by Ms. Watchel T. Basilio as introductory learnings prior to the main lecture.

Exhibits on BRA (Bra to Raise Awareness) Art were also seen within the conference area with the presence of the CMZ Breast Team to support the activity.

This is still considered as our CMZ BRAngay Project No. 39, but this time our participants are our CMZ Staff.

The attendance is voluntary with each area given at least 5 slots. There were more than 80 participants from the CMZ staff present and were very thankful to Dr. Laja for sharing his expertise with them.

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