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September 24, 2016

Barangay Labuan invited the CMZ Breast Wellness Center for the ALL-IN-ONE Barangay LABUAN Outreach Program with CMZ giving free breast screening through Clinical Breast Examination.
Barangay Labuan is a coastal Barangay 36 kilometers west of the commercial center of Zamboanga City. The place was used to be occupied only by the Subanen tribe, the “lumad” in Western Mindanao. Labuan’s name was taken from the Subanen word which meant “you fall there”.
Aside from the Subanens, indigenous people like the Tausugs, Samals and Chavacano also settled in Labauan. Intermarriage among these indigenous people encouraged them to stay permanently in this Barangay.
According to the (2007 Census)
  • The Total Population: 10,418
  • Number of Household: 1,348
  • Punong Barangay Chairman/Captain : Maravilla, Ronald Ongchua
    Barangay Labuan (Red Point) is a coastal barangay 36 kilometers West of the commercial center of Zamboanga City. After Labuan is Barangay Limpapa and after this is Sibuco, Zamboanga Del Norte.

Here are some photos of the event:

The whole group was well secured with the help of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

So, they also had photos with this!

 We also acknowledge the participation of the Philippine Society of Hospital Pharmacists headed by CMZ Chief Pharmacist, Ms. Edsel Tiu and PSHP members for this outreach program.

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