Saturday, April 30, 2016


We would like to extend our invitation to all interested in applying for INTERNAL MEDICINE RESIDENCY TRAINING (under the Philippine College of Physicians) here in Zamboanga City.
Be inspired by the mentorship of brilliant, dynamic and caring IM Specialists-trainors.

Chairman of the Department of Internal Medicine is Dr. Reynie Tam, a well known Gastroenterologist in the city.

Training Officer is Dr. Kristine Bantal, Cardiologist and Assistant Training Officer is Dr. Adele Espaldon-Aquino, a Pulmonologist. 

These are the following requirements:
1.  Letter of application to:
      Dr. Filipinas Rojo, Medical Director
      thru Dr. Reynie Tam, IM Department Head
2.  Updated Curriculum Vitae/ Biodata with 2 x 2 picture
3. Transcript of Records
4.  Board rating
5.  Class rating
6.  Diploma
7.  Photocopy of PRC license
8. Medical/ PE / Psychometric Exam / Internal Medicine Admission Test

Deadline for submission of requirements: May 4, 2016
Date of examination: May 5, 2016

If in case your papers are not yet complete by these dates, please call (062)992-7330 and look for Mel (Executive Secretary) or Roselle (IM Department Secretary) at CMZ Admin to signify your interest.

We do hope you would consider our invitation and be part of Zamboanga City's most dynamic hospital, with well respected Internal Medicine consultants, more than enough patient complement with varied disease cases, supported by advanced technology, and of course, the only hospital awardee for the Philippine Quality Award as of this time!

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  1. This is a great opportunity for new graduates! I hope a lot of young people consider this as a stepping stone for their medical careers.