Monday, April 11, 2016


Here are some scenes on our way back from Cebu City to Zamboanga City.

Here we are at the Cebu Ports Authority Passenger Terminal 2. This is a very nice terminal. The rest rooms are air conditioned and clean.

You can arrive just in time for boarding, which is even a few minutes before the boat leaves. You just have to wait at the lounge near the assigned Gate. Then, from the departure gate, the passengers ride the port shuttle to the ship.

This time we chose the Business Class of the Lady of Good Voyage vessel.

The Map from Cebu City To Dipolog City. The ship ride is 10 hours from the scheduled 8:00 p.m. and arriving by 6 a.m. the next day.

As soon as we arrived...

The Map from Dipolog City to Zamboanga City.

Have you seen this giant chicken? This is in Manukan, Zamboanga Del Norte.

These scenes are also in Manukan, ZDN...

Too brown and too dry...
Along the highway in Sindangan, Zamboanga Del Norte are huge statues of the DIVINE MERCY and MOTHER MARY...

Along the highway at Leon Postigo, Zamboanga Del Norte, we see the seaside...

Traffic signal at Leon Postigo. They use flags to signal who can pass through the good half of the road. 

In Sindangan, Zamboanga Del Norte...
Along the highway at Sindangan, ZDN, we see the effects of El Nino in the farmlands and ricelands...

At Tampilisan, ZDN, the carabao is one side of the road...

We now enter the next province, ZAMBOANGA SIBUGAY!

This is the Titay Municipal Hall with the theme: SUMMER LOVE!

Then, we reach the crossroads in Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay...
And it says, Zamboanga Sibugay was chartered in 2001.

Of course, we pass by Jollibee for either breakfast and/or the restroom break!

Back on our way to Zamboanga City, we pass by Tungawan and other barangays. Again, we see the effects of the El Nino phenomenon!

And this is how one of the the several checkpoints look like. 

We say goodbye to Zamboanga Sibugay and welcomed into Zamboanga City!
But Zamboanga City just has a little sign and no arch like in Zamboanga Sibugay!

Zamboanga Sibugay says: "Thank You. Visit Us Again."

In Zamboanga City, we see the horse by the roadside.

Some of the fields are still green but most are now brown in color!

At the Parroquia De Nuestra Senora Virgen Del Pilar in Vitali, Zamboanga City.

The road trip is easier now with the direct boat trip to Cebu City. 

Our road trip (including the nautical highway) is not too comfortable but still as much fun, especially when you are with the right people! We talked... we slept... we laughed (a lot!)... reminisced a lot! 
And remembered our first land trip where we were saying "WOW!" in every place we went to!
But for those who haven't been on one, you may have a different experience from ours... 
Maybe, you may want to share your experience too.

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  1. you should try the Dapitan-Bato, Samboan route via Lite Ferry next time you go to Cebu. You get the chance to enjoy a round trip through Southern Cebu with stops at Kawasan Falls (Badian), Moalboal beaches (Moalboal), etc if via Toledo-Naga route or stops at Butanding (Oslob), Simala Church (Sibonga), etc if via Oslob-Cebu route.