Monday, October 3, 2016

CMZ and ZC GAD opens Pink October 2016

October 1, 2016

It is October once again and we have several reasons to celebrate:
* Zamboanga Hermosa Festival 2016
* Pink October 2016 with October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month
*  Thirteenth Anniversary of Ciudad Medical Zamboanga

CMZ together with the Gender and Development (GAD) of the City of Zamboanga opened the Pink October Celebration during the Zamboanga Hermosa 2016 Opening Salvo at the Paseo Del Mar.

The ZC Gender and Development (GAD) is composed of the Mindanao Breast Cancer support and empowerment Association (MBCSEA), Local council of Women (LCW), LGBT Alliance and the GAD Focal and Tecnical Working Group.
Dr. Filipinas Rojo with the CMZ dancers with the signature BRA (Bra to Raise awareness) of the CMZ BRA Campaign Project!
CMZ dancers with Sir Nathaniel of the WMSU Jambangan Dance Troupe

Enjoy this video as we share our participation during the Pink October Opening Salvo! Please watch us in You Tube!

The CMZ dancers together with the WMSU Jambangan Dance Troupe welcomed everyone with a dynamic "It's a Beautiful Day!" production number.

This was followed by the parade of the members of GAD, then, the flying of the fuschia pink balloons with the Breast Cancer Awareness sign for Pink October by the members of the Mindanao Breast Cancer Support and Empowerment Association (MBCSEA).
This was eventually followed by the Interbarangay Bandoreal competition.
Dr. Mila Fernandez, Hon. Myra Paz Abubakar and Kiamee Abubakar of GAD with the Ciudad Medical Zamboanga Breast Wellness Team

CMZ would like to thank GAD for still inviting us to be a partner, with Dr. Mila Fernandez, Hon. Myra Paz Abubakar and Kiamee Abubakar, together with the ZC Human Resource Office (secretariat through Ms Charmaine Faustino), Local Council of Women (LCW) and the Mindanao Breast Cancer Support and Empowerment Association (MBCSEA).
 Love your breast. Have them checked.

At Age 20, do a monthly BREAST SELF EXAM
At Age 30, visit your doctor or the Breast Wellness Center for a CLINICAL BREAST EXAM
At Age 45, annual MAMMOGRAPHY 
is the best screening test!

Early detection and treatment of Breast Cancer save lives!!!


  1. I enjoyed reading your blog. It's informative. I'd like to know ma'am if MBCSEA have some flyers or perhaps reading materials in which we can make use of in our advocacy to promote breast cancer awareness. If so, can we request some copies?Thank you and more power!

    1. May I know if you are also in Zamboanga City?