Monday, October 17, 2016

HBD PINAY 2016 Manianita Videoke

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October 16, 2016

This was indeed a most memorable birthday... with so many wonderful surprises!

From the so unexpected manianita from the Ciudad Medical Zamboanga Radiology Family at 4 a.m.

These were the songs they sang:
1. How beautiful is the morning
2. Birthday 'round the lay
3. Hapi hapi bday
4. I'll be there
5. Through the years
6. Iingatan ka
Of course, my heart melted and I couldn't stop my tears...

And it is indeed so heartwarming to hear them serenade and give me these roses... felt like a debutante!
This was followed with a videoke at dawn (Thanks George for collaborating with them!)...

Of course, you can hear them sing when you watch the video!!!

 to an early Mass for thanksgiving...

 then, a relaxed informal lunch gathering at the CMZ MRI (on a Sunday!) for all who I want to thank...
and most of them are here in Ciudad Medical Zamboanga...

with a wonderful well-crafted and delicious pink high heel cake from my dearest friend, Nora of Crumbsnbuns (and of course, Eddie Jabonitalla, the cake decorator!)

and  profile pic heart cake from my CMZ Admin family

and more cakes esp from family, friends...

then back to WORK... I hope to have helped... and more WORK...

then, a happy surprise phone call from Sally, one of my BFFs in High School and now in  Australia...

and of course, the heartwarming message and call from my son...

and all the thoughtful HB messages in Facebook and texts from family and friends which indeed touched my heart! 

I know this year will be even more blessed with all the LOVE I feel!!! A trillion THANKS! God is indeed great!


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