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The Ciudad Medical Zamboanga S.T.E.P.H. Program means Student Tour for Exposure to Professions in Healthcare.

This is a career advocacy program to expose students to the hospital setting and observe the personnel at work as well as can interact with them as they show them their work in their actual workplace.

The S.T.E.P.H. Program is intended to support career programs within schools as spearheaded by the Guidance Office and serve as complementary initiative for additional enlightenment on the career path the students would intend to pursue. 

This is ideal for Junior High School students as they decide on what K to 12 strand to take, but this is also helpful for Senior High School students as they finally decide on their college course.

This Testimonial video from Pilar College of Zamboanga will share with us the thoughts of the students at the end of the half day program.

We were very impressed by the Pilar College of Zamboanga City students who were able to eloquently express their impressions on the S.T.E.P.H. Program.

as transcribed from the CMZ STEPH PILAR COLLEGE video:

Gracelle Erica Fabian, Grade 10-Peace
STEPH Pilar College October 15, 2016

“Right now… ang program kasi naka-fill ng gap or space na nag-papadilemma sa akin – to be a surgeon or not!
So ngayon po, alam ko na sa sarili ko, what I want to be.

Helpful po talaga siya … from facilitators down to the tour and speakers.
Thank you for having this program!

Coleen Reyes, Grade 10-Peace
STEPH Pilar College October 15, 2016

“Technology could bring good and make the healthcare experience easier for doctors and other professionals.

It has given us a certain enlightenment that was not present during our career fiesta.

So that at the end of the tour, I asked Dra. if it is possible to have future specific types of tours and which is possible…”

Fatima Ayesha Jailani, Grade 10-Peace
STEPH Pilar College October 15, 2016

“Thank you to the facilitators, the doctors, the speakers who actually motivated us to pursue…Like me, I want to be a doctor someday, it really helped me a lot!”

I can really see the eyes of the nurses and staff, that they are really passionate in their work.

So with that,  we felt … It is such a great privilege and honor to be here with the doctor, the speakers, the facilitators.
From the bottom of our hearts, we are really thankful and glad.
Thank you for having us here.”

= = = =

John Fabian, Grade 10-Peace
STEPH Pilar College October 15, 2016

“This is not just an ordinary tour.
This is a special moment for us, in which we are exposed to the reality of these healthcare professions, in which this can actually help us in the community and open our hearts for the opportunities gathered here.

And also the goodness of Ciudad Medical Zamboanga…
in order for them to cater to the students and adults alike…
and also the professionals that helped us to realize for our future.
For that, we are very, very grateful. We thank you.”


Sudaiz Hajihil, Class President, Grade 10 - Peace
STEPH Pilar College October 15, 2016

“…And I am proud to say that I saw in the eyes of my friends a while ago in Group 4, that my companions were able to see happiness when we had the tour downstairs.

And I think this tour will help us to excel and perform in our future careers.

And indeed, performance excellence begins in our hearts.’


Mr. Christopher Yu, Class Adviser, Grade 10 - Peace
STEPH Pilar College October 15, 2016

“From the Pilar College Administration, Principal, Teachers and Faculty, thank you for giving us the opportunity to be part of your program, especially, for our Grade 10 students.

At this point, they are looking for the proper strand for Senior High. Realizing on their part for what strand, they will take and in the future, in college, the profession that they really want.

So this will help them realize what kind of work they are going into in the healthcare profession.

In behalf of Pilar College, thank you so much!”

Thanks to the following students for sharing their spontaneous impressions about the STEPH Program: Sudaiz Hajilul, Class President; Anna Marie Saavedra, Gracelle Erica Fabian, Coleen Reyes, Fatima Ayesha Jailani and John Fabian.

Thank you to Grade 10 - Peace class adviser, Mr. Christopher Yu and to Mrs. Ofelia Amik, Guidance Counselor and Ms. Dayanara Adlaon, Junior High School Guidance Coach.

We do hope our career advocacy program was able to show these students the reality of the healthcare industry and in this way, can really help them in the decision-making process!

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