Sunday, February 28, 2016


The CMZ Performance Excellence (CPEx) Rounds Team visited the Department of Laboratory Medicine on February 23, 2016. 

We started off our visit to the Laboratory with the audit of their department and also based on the DOH Safe Hospital Initiatives and for the Quality Assurance Audit followed by the forum at the CMZ Conference Room for the discussion on Patient Safety.

Quality Assurance Audit was conducted by Medical Director, Dr. Filipinas Rojo, Administrative Officer Ms. Karren Mae Parrel with Building Administrator, Mr. Andrew De Leon and Ward F Head Nurse Kris Encarnacion.

Patient Safety Discussion at the Conference Room was attended by the Administrative Officer Ms. Karren Masuhud with Engineer Andrew De Leon and on the Nursing side, Assistant Nursing Director - Training, Mr. Jace Pellovello, Infection Control Nurse , Ms. Kamille Alcala and Mr. Kris Encarnacion. Human Resource Manager, Ms. Juvee Calica also attended the forum.

The Laboratory Department was represented by Quality Manager, Dr. Al Zamzam Abubakar and the Laboratory workforce.

We also went over issues from 2015 and evaluated how they are at the present time.

The Laboratory staff were also reoriented on the International Patient Safety Goals and how these could be adapted to the department, especially on Identifying Patients Correctly, Effective Communication and on Hospital Acquired Infections. 

We know the CPEx 3 for the Department of Laboratory Medicine  would be instrumental to help develop the Culture of Patient Safety in Ciudad Medical Zamboanga.

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