Monday, February 15, 2016


February 4, 2016

It is CMZ CEO Atty. Jhihann Natividad's natal day and four days before Chinese New Year for 2016 as we welcome the Fire Monkey.

We were all excited in the hospital as we were expecting the Lion Dance (c/o Chong Hua High School) to visit us this day!
The Lions amaze the staff, patients and relatives of CMZ
What is the Lion Dance? Here is what I googled...

Lion Dance
According to traditional Chinese belief, the lion signifies courage, stability and superiority. The lion’s dance is performed to chase away ghosts and evil spirits, and since the monsters, ghosts, evil spirits and giants like Nian are afraid of loud noises, the dance has become a natural complement to the fire crackers' noise. Clashing cymbals, a gong and drums usually accompany this lively scene. The lion’s every movement has a specific musical rhythm. The music follows the moves of the lion, the drum follows the lion, the cymbals and the gong follow the drum player. Throughout the performance, the Lion will mimic various moods and demonstrate similar physical gestures allowing the Lion to look life-like

Here are some of the scenes as the Lion Dance took Ciudad Medical Zamboanga by storm and was welcomed by everyone who all hoped to receive great omen for the New Year!
Awaiting the coming of the Lion Dance

Lion Dance Team at the CMZ entrance

At the Centralized OPD

Through the halls of CMZ
It seems everyone is following the Lion Dancers!

And everyone trying to get the photo or video of the Lion Dancers in action!

inside the Radiology Department

Inside the new CT-MRI Section
The Lion peeking through the Hemodialysis door!
Finally, at the Administration Office:
CMZ CEO feeding the token in red envelope

at the Human Resource Department, with HR Rowe, Juvee, Aica, Sam and Cathy

at the Administraive Officer Ms. Karren Mae Masuhud's desk!
with the Medical Director
 Final Dance of the Lions at the Conference Room
Chong Hua High School Lion Dance Troupe and alumni
with CEO Atty . Jhihann Natividad
Thank you to the Chong Hua High School Lion Dance group with the Chong Hua High School alumni for bringing joy this Chinese New Year through their vibrant and fun performance at Ciudad Medical Zamboanga!

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