Sunday, February 14, 2016

STUDY TOUR 2016 Hardam Furigay Colleges

February 6, 2016 

A very interesting activity we had early this month was the STUDY TOUR 2016 of Hardam Furigay Colleges, Basilan. 
I think this is the first time for one of the schools to visit our  hospital for a study tour. This is timely as we are preparing for a new project, the S.T.E.P.H.

The nursing, midwifery and pharmacy students of Hardam Furigay Colleges was welcomed by CMZ Human Resource Manager, Ms. Juvee Calica.

CMZ Human Resource Manager, Ms. Juvee Calica for Orientation

Welcome Remarks by Dr. Filipinas Rojo, CMZ Medical Director
CMZ started with the orientation and presentation of the CMZ Audio Visual Presentation.

There were 90 students divided into 5 groups as they toured the hospital.
Facilitator: Cathy and Aireen

Facilitator: Karren and Edsel

Facilitator: Juvee

Facilitator: AA and Sam
Facilitator: Rowe and Aica

These are among the places they visited.
Ultrasound with Charisse

Emergency Room by Nurse BonBon

Laboratory Medicine by Med Tech Cathy

Radiology Fluoroscopy Room

64-Slice CT Scan

Closing Remarks by CEO Atty Jhihann Natividad
 We do hope we helped inspire you in your present endeavor.

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