Saturday, October 26, 2013


There is no traffic today and I parked at Plaza del Pilar.
This is how Plaza del Pilar looks during a usual day.
The huge acacia trees in the Plaza Del Pilar gives character to the place and also lovely shade...
students leisurely sit under the tree...  
The candle vendors who used to sell their candles on the sidewalks have already transferred to the stalls in the Plaza Del Pilar.
Aside from the candle vendors, this is also a "Pasalubong Center" where some stall vendors sell native delicacies and also native products from Zamboanga and other parts of the Philippines. 
Students from adjacent schools also hang out here since there are eateries here as well as comforting shade from the huge acacia trees.
Parking space is also available close to the Fort Pilar Shrine and Fort Pilar National Museum. 

Then, I went out of Plaza del Pilar, which is just across the National Museum. 
This is outside the Fort Pilar National Museum walls during the day after the Fiesta.

Here is the Fort Pilar Shrine...

doves and pigeons still are very visible in the Fort Pilar area
the birdhouse is part of the Fort Pilar Shrine already... 

devotees light the usual candles on this side...
these are the red candles with the golden dragon design offered the day before...with some newly offered candles.
.The Fort Pilar Shrine has undergone some renovations during the years, but the main altar has retained its original design.
it is comforting to just sit and pray here  even if the sun is quite hot... or if it showers...
devotees continue to line up...
the beautifully decorated altar
the manicured shrubs add a refreshing atmosphere to the Shrine
These are the carillon bells.
As we enter and when we leave, we see the birdhouse, which have been there for a longtime.
Gold painted images of saints line the fence.
I also saw Fr. Totong S., who was going over some vestments in one side of the Shrine. Vestment specialist from Bulacan, who also happened to be their friend came over to sell vestments during the Fiesta week and they were also on their last day there.
The Fort Pilar Shrine still attracts devotees from all walks of life... and the place in itself is a landmark of Zamboanga City also.
As I went back to Plaza Del Pilar, there are also some snack stalls seen such as the attractive Icecapades Juices stall.
smiling ladies from Zamboanga...
Plaza Del Pilar as seen from the exit of the Fort Pilar Shrine
Lots of changes are already observed in Zamboanga City... and I think these are also for the best! The area is cleaner and more beautiful.. and we do hope that the place is safer, too.

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