Sunday, October 20, 2013


I realized that I have already so many stories about "Mi Ciudad" or in other words, "My City" which is Zamboanga City.
Fort Pilar Shrine 2005

Metropolitan Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception 2005

Lantaka Hotel 2005

In fact, a reader called John from Singapore*** commented "Please keep blogging....really enjoy your posts are probably the best blogger who covers Zamboanga in the whole Internet universe !/John from Singapore".

Of course, this would be flattering to any blogger, and who wouldn't be, right? 

And it is inspiring, too, to go on and share whatever story I have of Mi Ciudad = = Zamboanga City!

But, I have another "Ciudad" that I want to talk about, and this is Ciudad Medical Zamboanga, a private tertiary hospital in ZC which is also very close to my heart... and mind!!!
Ciudad Medical Zamboanga 2005
Ciudad Medical Zamboanga  in Nuñez Extension 2012
 credits: Sixto Kwan Jr.

This remains to be a personal storybook about my community and therefore, all my stories from my three other blogs related to Zamboanga City (ZC) and Ciudad Medical Zamboanga (CMZ) will initially be reposted in this site, plus new tales about my new experiences and thoughts in ZC and CMZ as the days go by.

So much has happened that has changed the face of "Mi Ciudad"! 
As I was moving over the blogposts, I realized Zamboanga City will never be the same again and my old stories may forever be part of Zamboanga's history.

But, as I continue to share  more facets about Zamboanga City, I do hope that you, too, will enjoy reading about Zamboanga City and get to know our "Ciudad" in a different and more optimistic light!!!

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