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This year 2011, Lantaka Hotel by the Sea in Zamboanga City is celebrating its 50th anniversary. I'd like to share a bit of historical trivia about Lantaka Hotel by the Sea which I lifted from an article written by one of Zamboanga's artists, Icelle Borja.
IcelleARTicles: Feast For The Senses At Talisay Bar

One of my special places in Zamboanga is the Lantaka Hotel by the Sea. That holds a special charm that no other hotel can compare – aside from its colorful history that grew from as an early American Quarters and the Officers Club, it was then called "Lantaka Flats".

It was then the Quarters of the American Officers in the early days of the American Period here in Zamboanga. When the Americans left, it was later purchased by a mestizo – Mr. Antonio Bayot, who later on ran it as a regular fashionable sea side resort hotel naming it Hotel Bayot. Until in the 1970’s, Mr. Bayot sold it to the Walstrom family.
This is another facet of the Lantaka Hotel by the Sea in Zamboanga City.
This time, let us look at their Main lobby and gardens.
Lantaka Hotel has a collection of carvings, capiz, brass, many old furniture and boxes with mother-of-pearl inlays, vinta replicas, bamboo and grand floral arrangements.
lobby of the Lantaka Hotel
front desk with smiling personnel
This is just outside of the Breeza Hall and overlooking the sea.
We see the lantaka (where the hotel's name comes from) from this area.
The lantaka was previously placed in an inner area and now is transferred to face the sea. 
the lantaka now facing the sea
from Wikipedia:
Lantaka (Rentaka in Malay) is a type of bronze cannon mounted on merchant vessels travelling the waterways of Malay Archipelago. Its use was greatest in precolonial South East Asia especially in thePhilippinesMalaysia, and Indonesia. The guns were used to defend against pirates demanding tribute for the local chief, or potentate.
Although most Lantaka weighed under two hundred pounds, and many only a few pounds, the largest ones exceeded a thousand pounds with some weighing over a ton. Many of these beautiful guns were mounted on swivels and were known as swivel guns. The smaller ones could be mounted almost anywhere including in the rigging. Medium sized cannon were frequently used in reinforced sockets on the vessel's rails and were sometimes referred to as rail guns. The heaviest swivel guns were mounted on modified gun carriages to make them more portable.
Typically the earliest cannon with beautiful ornamented from this region are from foundries in the Malacca and Pahang.,[1] with later model made from foundries in the Netherlands and Portugal, next from their respective settlements, and finally from Brunei and other local craftsmen. However, there were also double-barreled variants that were used extensively in the Philippines.
This is just outside the lobby at the Talisay Bar where the Japanese food is now served.
We proceeded to the Swimming Pool area.
view from one of the rooms
From this view, we see the porches of the Lanai Suites.
view of the new Lanai suites by the pool
Among the attractions of the Swimming Pool area are the different bamboo huts such as this...
and this...
We also went to the back part where we see the "Boracay" area before, which still has several huts, but no longer a dining area.
Hotel guests can also relax in this corner.
viewing the Paseo Del Mar
From the Breeza Bar and this place we see the Port of Zamboanga and the small boats just off shore.
viewing the Port of Zamboanga (pantalan)
At the end of this area, there is a place where the Badjaos and Samals sell pearls. 
Before, they were exposed to the sun and rain when they were selling their pearls, shells and corals.
Now, they have a roof to cover their heads and their wares.
new venue for selling pearls and shells
There is also an in-house corner in the lobby where pearls and other trinkets and jewelries are sold.
located in the lobby of the hotel is a higher end pearl and jewelry store but still competitive in prices
There is another hall a little further away decorated with bamboos.
Lantaka Hotel by the Sea always has something interesting to offer!

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