Saturday, October 26, 2013


Lantaka Hotel by the Sea is known for its historical charm considering that this is a 50-year old hotel.
But, what makes Lantaka interesting is the modern twist in its new SUITES
Here is a glimpse of the Lantaka suites.
THE LOFT SUITE. This is a two-level suite with a beautiful sea view, where we see Paseo Del Mar on the left side, Basilan Islands straight ahead and the Sta. Cruz Island and Port of Zamboanga City on the right side.
The guests have the choice of getting one bedroom or two bedrooms, very ideal for families. Since there are two levels, there are also two living areas.
Most of the guests who prefer this are balikbayans.
The bedrooms also can be used as a stand alone, without the Loft living room areas.
as we enter the room, this is the level we see... 
do you know that this wooden round decor is actually a gold pan?... no, not made of gold but used in gold panning.
from the level where we enter, we go down to this living area...
down the stairs we go... the view from the window is the sea.
these are the bedrooms.
at the lower level, this is the bedroom with a kingsize bed.
bedroom at the lower level
bedroom at the upper level has twin double beds... the guest has a choice of getting one or two bedrooms
LANAI SUITES. These are new suites done in 2011 where the rooms now have direct access to the swimming pool.
One of the suites has a single bed while the other suite has twin double beds.
view of the Swimming Pool from the Lanai Suite
STA. CRUZ SUITE. I don't know if this is the official name of this suite but this is located at the second floor and has a balcony with a nook and it faces the Port of Zamboanga City and the Sta. Cruz Island.
This is a family room and there are two bedrooms which open to this living area.
The guest can choose one bedroom or two bedrooms.
this is a wooden gold pan... 
The bedrooms can also be stand alone units meaning without the family room.
The single bed in one bedroom...
The second bedroom which opens to the family room has twin double beds...
The family room extends out to a balcony. 
this is the view of the ground floor from the second floor
Just at the door before going out to the balcony, we notice the inlay and this is very unique and retained as original even after the renovation.
It is always fun to go around and see nice hotel rooms... why don't we start over here in Zamboanga City! P.S. I just want to share about the place because it is really beautiful... no,no,no, this is not a sponsored page!

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